lundi 30 avril 2007


I need some funky stuff. Give it to me. I'll be playing at the motel on june. I'll keep you updated!

siskid - the architect

samedi 28 avril 2007


Hallo, gut. After the kittin at pulp i need someone that reminds me what is good electro music.

Chemical Brothers - Do it Again (Extended Mix)

jeudi 26 avril 2007


This is some hot funk, cheap and groovy.

Cheryl Lynn - Sweet Kind Of Life

jeudi 19 avril 2007


I need the remix. My job is the best!

CSS - let's make love (SMD remix)

mercredi 18 avril 2007


As the summer comes i give you a remix of a strange rock track (i don't like the punk-funk).

Datarock - fafafa (riton dj rub)

For parisians there are playing on saturday at la flêche d'or

mardi 17 avril 2007

In thE sUn

It's hot, it's to dance during summer... OH OUI!!!

The sounds -tony the beat-

jeudi 12 avril 2007


Yeah? I forgot to give this late night Hit. It scratchs your mind.

Sebastien Leger - klaxon

mercredi 11 avril 2007


TOday. I give you a mix. There's a bit of everything from minimal to electro-rock going threw dance. I should call it happy-hour mix.
I also put the first track of my mix because i love it so much...

mercredi 4 avril 2007


My spanish roots betray me when i hear spanish voices. Here it seems more a mash-up between spanish and portuguese. Whatever it's really nasty!

Bassnectar - yo ( speaker junks jackin brazillain rave mix )