jeudi 23 août 2007


This tune is the bloodbath of the summer, acid-techno at its most sophisticated, yet monstruously powerful.


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Dancefloor-music can also be fun and light-hearted, and the girls, they inspire us -want it or not: i've got the
No Pussy Blues

Smack, Tune!

mercredi 22 août 2007

A Sonny Venice Set

Well here we go again with that full hour of music. I played Modeselektor, Earthly Delights, Tyree Cooper, Justus Koehncke, Dj T, Carl Sagan, Samin, Italoboyz, Lopazz, Rekorder... Stuff I like and hope you do.

P.S: I'de like to thank them for the stuff they provide (they rock!).

Sonny Venice - Heartbreaker

P.S.S: I'm trying news tags don't worry, if you want the complete playlist, just ask!

mardi 21 août 2007


Justice (sooo surfait ;)

D.A.N.C.E. (ed banger) - Jackson remix

raped and chunked into pieces by Jackson (warp)

11-minutes-medley of several justice songs actually.
A few listens were needed for its atmosphere to conquer me - and defeat me.

artwork by Tropical Toxic

The Jackson tune would fit well in a voodoo pairing with a monster jam from 2005 on Wagon Repair, featuring (blame canada!) Matthew Jonson - Return of the Zombie Bikers
Riding a staggering, syncopated beat and wooing dancers with a snake charmer's flute riffs, "Return" was one of 2005's biggest tracks and remains one of the label's most gripping.

And while we're at it, I would spin these with this new remix, by mr. VonStroke, of an already excellent track by german Samim (who's doing great things at the moment) - Heater (get physical) - for shock, explosion, and agony on the dancefloor.

jeudi 16 août 2007

lundi 13 août 2007

Mental linkedited

from the Berlin label Moodmusic, home of Sasse & Henrik Schwarz,
a tune that quietly gets you up to Loco mode.

weird House? the excellent drums that go 'carioca' are bags of fun for the dj to twitch a little, the synths are so retro yet strike that nostalgia chord in your brain.
let's dance naked ingurgating vodka and chicken
Naughty - World of a Woman
(nice title Mr Moscatello..)

now down to the basement _
an obsessing, yes I'd say House but not really sure again track, that changes mood and constantly evolves. Dark AND uplifting,
a little morgan geist-esque, a little carl craig-esque, a little audion-esque...
from the G-Stone K&D crew, Vienna, Austria:
Roland Appel - Dark Soldier
(teaser release of the upcoming offical roland appel 12" following in september!)

finally a little something for the LOUDspeakers to end the tiercé, because I'm leaving on holidays in Barcelona tonight...
from the weirdest techno anarchist to come from Germany (again!):
Robag Wruhme als Rolf Oksen - Dopamin
(play it LOUD, try spinning at +8 for max d'nb effect)

btw, did I mention? play these LOUD. have fun

jeudi 9 août 2007

Love & Peace

He's a techno/Dub produceur from south-africa (Johanesbourg) and he offers sweet tracks with a "je-ne-sais-quoi" spicy.

Brendon Moeller - Medecine
Brendon Moeller - Birth
Brendon Moeller - Jazz (new LP)

mercredi 8 août 2007

2 treats

Pablo Akaros - Konnekt Köln (Karmarouge / Word and Sound)

proper techno trademark instruments (properly assembled) + 1 hot-chip-playing-on-juan-atkins'-keyboard type
an effective anthem /
a Definition of techno

Hatchback - White Diamond (TINAE 003)
Prins Thomas remix

Fuck me, this is something really special. Marvellous. The oh-so-prolific Thomas from Norway delivers 18 minutes of pulsing electronic krautdisco, complete with ambient break and tempo changes. Magical. Despite the sprawling Villaloban proportions, it doesn't for one moment flag or grow boring, but deepens and sparkles more with each listen. Aïe, aïe, hear, hear, hear.

coming soon... on
since it hasn't even come out yet and we should buy it online, this version is incomplete:) but still 8 minutes long, just to get some saliva..

dimanche 5 août 2007

jeudi 2 août 2007

July Rain

Last summer Gabriel Ananda gave us the "summer-track" with Doppelwhiper. Today it's the Italoboyz. Their track closes the night and takes you to another place. Have a nice trip.

Italoboyz - Victor Casanova