mardi 11 août 2009


You listen, you happy, you travel.

jeudi 16 juillet 2009

jeudi 18 juin 2009

Ground Nation

Another set more deep. Try it!

jeudi 4 juin 2009

dimanche 17 mai 2009


Good night to his Belgian friends, whom did their job with the parisians "titis"!

Paul Echevarria - Lofik

(playlist coming this week)

mercredi 13 mai 2009


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up! Here's a fucked up selection. Starting with strange-slow-synth-disco:

off key hat - emergency calling

Old spirit-Balearic house (with the usual soul-singer fillin' up the dance floor "feel the music, it's wat itis! Can you feel it?":

Mike Dunn - Feel The Muzik

Lil' euro-chop-dance. Remixing Nasa, hot for tunning! (Aoki driving...)

Nasa - gifted (steve aoki remix)

I've been using drugs for the past two weeks and I've done a record. How do you like that?

The Faint - Mirror Error (Das Glow Remix)

Some electro-theory about love:

Oliver Koletzki - Love Has Got A Name (Nicone Remix)

Pure minimal (but finally we added some snares, some fat-bass, some vacuum thing):

Spektre - Hydra (Remix by Koen Groeneveld)


samedi 2 mai 2009


The monthly podcast. Enjoy!


Paul Echevarria - Mimi


lundi 30 mars 2009


One of my favorite sessions, that is what i played for my birthday!

Paul Echevarria - Ashes to Ashes

dimanche 15 mars 2009

lundi 23 février 2009

Tweak for Peek

I'm going down as usual. I think that i like that sentence :

"Listen at home or Out Loud!"

Paul Echevarria - The Thing

Woolfy vs Projections - Return Of Starlight (Invisible Conga People remix)
Matthew Dear - Elementary Lover (DJ Koze Remix)
Lulu Rouge - Bless You (Pilooski Remix)
Beat Pharmacy - Strangers (Featuring Spaceape)
Tigerskin - The Snider Flu
Nicolette - No Government (Makossa & Megablast Remake)
BLM & Pawas - Down Down (Original Mix)
Guido Schneider - Move Me (Guido Schneider Dark Side Of The Moon Mix)
Christian Burkhardt - Tape It
Dario Zenker - Newbe (Heartthrobs Are U Gay Mix)

dimanche 15 février 2009

Another round

A session from Hip-Hop to Hot Rythm. Listen at home or Out Loud!

Paul Echevarria - All that Junk

Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant
Esser - Satisfied (Mad Professor Dub)
Harmonic 313 - Call to arms
Beastie Boys - Together
Aaron-Carl - Come With Me (feat. Humility's Hand)
Freq Nasty - boomin back atcha
Allure - Dandy
Junior Boys - Work
Eddy meets Yannah - No One's Gonna Love You (Ilija Rudman Remix)
Theo Parrish - Slowly Surely (feat Jill Scott)
Pacific - Hot Lips (Fuzzz Whitaker Remix)
Curses! - The Deep End (ft. Nancy 'LCD Soundsystem' & Juan Maclean) (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub)
Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Anoraak Remix)
Dopplereffekt - Radiometer
Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night (Black Devil Dub)
Veron - Remote
The Presets - My People (D.I.M Rermix)
Bonus track (Tosca - Fondue)

dimanche 25 janvier 2009


Yeah, yeah ffffound, good pics! Now a mix. From disco to edits to electro. Enjoy!

Paul Echevarria - DAX

Sorry, here's the tracklisting :

The BPA - Spade
Twisted Wires - One night at the raw deal
The Shortwave Set - Glitches n bugs (mungolian jet set remix)
Tony McKenzie - Ha-Chica
Royksopp - Happy Up Here
David Rubato - Circuit (Siriusmo mix)
Beach boys - God only knows (aeroplane remix)
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Driving All Around
Zero cash and khan - Chitin body (dub)
Don Ray - Got to have loving
Lili Drop - Banal
Michael Jackson - Get On The Floor (Holy Ghost! Edit)
Findlay Brown - Promised land (pilooski radio edit)
ZZT - The Worm (Erol Alkan Extended Rework)

mardi 6 janvier 2009


Ready, steady, ....GO.

Hyppy new year!

I was I the plane listenning to my new mp3s when suddently came this one. Looking at the spanish sunset above clouds. I felt really great!

Gui Boratto - Terminal