mercredi 24 mars 2010


you can show your real self and what you have in the head with these fucking loud tunes!

Noze - You Have To Dance (Mathias Kaden's Mouthacapellapolka Remix)
speaks enough for itself!

Lazy Jay - Float my boat (Pablo Decoder remix)
let's wish they play this in the streets everywhere

Matthias Tanzmann : Rugby (Mathias Kaden's Penalty Kick Remix)
These Germans (danceman?) shoot a drop kick ?!? They sure send mayhem - du grand n'importe quoi - on the dancefloor. German flair. And they always win in the end.

Mathias Kaden: Sinthylooper & Train
Big loop - grand8 - and rollercoaster certainly, with this ticket. Riveting.
Ça troue le bottom

last one is for turning around, your arms spread and staring up at the sun.
Soufi style.
AtJazz - It's Complete (Chateau Flight rmx)
(so many memories back in 2001 around west-paris..)

Chapeau messieurs. La semaine prochaine, les dames.

and a PS little big-up to my friend plastic pippo who's mixing for first time at Jaded the famous after-party this Saturday..