mercredi 31 janvier 2007

Bloggin naked (so 2007)

Ahah comrade Sonny Venice doubles me with a slightly-dubious post on this first step in blogging. Well, bloggers have that perfect combination of a major superiority complex (the best fucking music taste/record collection in the world) combined with the pathological urge to share our passion with the world at large. So I think we've probably all been doing something like this for our entire adult lives - but where once it was just making cassette comps, and lecturing our friends down the pub, we now have an international stage on which to mingle together and vent opinions on the ignorant masses. Audioblogs, which I've been visiting since long, are a bit monstrous in their all-consuming, relentless intensity, but really quite exquisite, too. Big-up Sonny for envisioning, creating and managing the whole project. Dealing with us bloggers will be a thankless task. Well, it's been an amazing ride so far, with plenty more to come. Now for the music... The punchy side of my beloved electro is where I start.

Fucking great title for a tune innit?
me and giuliani down by the schoolyard (a true story) - intensifieder sunracapellectroshit mix

The original track was earlier known as "Intensify" and it was released on early !!! singles. This B-side is from the Warp single by the band from NY named "!!!", yes, "!!!". I say chick chick chick, coz I like chicks (not dicks, as the below post could imply, thanx Sonny... Bon ça, c'est fait.)

From 2003, alright. Next time I'll post something from 2009.

It's basically made up of 4/4 beats and vocals: great dj-tool. But /Enter blog-enthusiam mode: it's extremely catchy. Sooo good. I just love the synth that fades in at about 6 minutes. and the breaks a bit earlier. Full of details and echoes so put it on loud and in stereo. No not 5.1 you geek. Plain old stereo, unless you're standing in the booth of Rex club of course. It reads: Dancefloor alert: start moving, start dancing. "Can you feel it? intensify" (quote!).

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