lundi 3 septembre 2007


will saul - pause (isolée remix)

no need to say anything.
future Classic...

radioclit - divine gosa (club mix) mp3

Bonde do role track stripped from its vocals. Funky brazilian bass and tweaking with the knobs.
Part of a bootleg compilation by Radioclit.

Radioclit is a mate of Brodinski, whose new EP (Bad Runner/Solaris), out in September, will probably cause a lot of excitement. Check his Space: !!

Pilooski - Low

A kind of soldiers’ in-the-trenches, do-what-has-to-be-done-to-get-it-done, Hammer.
Sweaty, just like I like my "dirty electrohop". I have to record a mix of those soon.

D*I*R*T*Y (haha.) crew's own Pilooski, known for his brilliant edits of 60-70's gems, edited in very limited quantities, releases now and then dancefloor tracks, seconded by Krikor. This one is part of A Digital Catastrophee EP, well-worth having. (Omerta Registrazione)

I am moving to London btw. Working in digital music.. might keep it cool for a while.
Laterz mates

2 commentaires:

KikéronKépakarré a dit…

Y fait bon, dis donc, du côté des blogs du p'tit Popo *l'art de débarquer avec trois piges de retard* ;)! Have fun in London!

Towt'z babouche a dit…

Ben laisse-mi-ti donc accès à l'insidemiam, compère..