mercredi 13 mai 2009


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up! Here's a fucked up selection. Starting with strange-slow-synth-disco:

off key hat - emergency calling

Old spirit-Balearic house (with the usual soul-singer fillin' up the dance floor "feel the music, it's wat itis! Can you feel it?":

Mike Dunn - Feel The Muzik

Lil' euro-chop-dance. Remixing Nasa, hot for tunning! (Aoki driving...)

Nasa - gifted (steve aoki remix)

I've been using drugs for the past two weeks and I've done a record. How do you like that?

The Faint - Mirror Error (Das Glow Remix)

Some electro-theory about love:

Oliver Koletzki - Love Has Got A Name (Nicone Remix)

Pure minimal (but finally we added some snares, some fat-bass, some vacuum thing):

Spektre - Hydra (Remix by Koen Groeneveld)


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