lundi 12 avril 2010


As promised a selection for the femina - but next post: a few dubstep plates for your dog.
(all files available one-by-one or on

Let's play spot the difference?

camille yarborough - take yo' praise
praise you (riva starr remix)

The new LCD Soundsytsem is called "Drunk Girls" and might not live up to everyone's expectations, especially because the "girls" in question are apparently James' buddies. A masculine Kelis, makes a goood shake.

An extract from Erykah Badu's new album:
Baby don't be long

and from Coco Rosie's new album:
Fairy Paradise

discreet dreamy house:
lusine - twilight (jeff samuel remix)

and from the fantastic*5 Caribou album (run get it):

Finally harder stuff from Maud & Seb of Scratch Massive.
"Son anatonie de nana atomique te fait fantasmer", qu'ils disent.
Oh yeah.

Car la fille il n'y a bien justement qu'elle, sa poésie et sa beauté, qui peuvent tout changer pour nous. Elles seules rendent notre condition supportable. Aimer, il n'y a littéralement rien de mieux à foutre ici, si?
Dansons maintenant.

Et une petite jolie pastille pour digérer:
Little Girl - Julian Casablancas & Danger Mouse


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