mercredi 8 août 2007

2 treats

Pablo Akaros - Konnekt Köln (Karmarouge / Word and Sound)

proper techno trademark instruments (properly assembled) + 1 hot-chip-playing-on-juan-atkins'-keyboard type
an effective anthem /
a Definition of techno

Hatchback - White Diamond (TINAE 003)
Prins Thomas remix

Fuck me, this is something really special. Marvellous. The oh-so-prolific Thomas from Norway delivers 18 minutes of pulsing electronic krautdisco, complete with ambient break and tempo changes. Magical. Despite the sprawling Villaloban proportions, it doesn't for one moment flag or grow boring, but deepens and sparkles more with each listen. Aïe, aïe, hear, hear, hear.

coming soon... on
since it hasn't even come out yet and we should buy it online, this version is incomplete:) but still 8 minutes long, just to get some saliva..

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