mardi 21 août 2007


Justice (sooo surfait ;)

D.A.N.C.E. (ed banger) - Jackson remix

raped and chunked into pieces by Jackson (warp)

11-minutes-medley of several justice songs actually.
A few listens were needed for its atmosphere to conquer me - and defeat me.

artwork by Tropical Toxic

The Jackson tune would fit well in a voodoo pairing with a monster jam from 2005 on Wagon Repair, featuring (blame canada!) Matthew Jonson - Return of the Zombie Bikers
Riding a staggering, syncopated beat and wooing dancers with a snake charmer's flute riffs, "Return" was one of 2005's biggest tracks and remains one of the label's most gripping.

And while we're at it, I would spin these with this new remix, by mr. VonStroke, of an already excellent track by german Samim (who's doing great things at the moment) - Heater (get physical) - for shock, explosion, and agony on the dancefloor.

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