lundi 13 août 2007

Mental linkedited

from the Berlin label Moodmusic, home of Sasse & Henrik Schwarz,
a tune that quietly gets you up to Loco mode.

weird House? the excellent drums that go 'carioca' are bags of fun for the dj to twitch a little, the synths are so retro yet strike that nostalgia chord in your brain.
let's dance naked ingurgating vodka and chicken
Naughty - World of a Woman
(nice title Mr Moscatello..)

now down to the basement _
an obsessing, yes I'd say House but not really sure again track, that changes mood and constantly evolves. Dark AND uplifting,
a little morgan geist-esque, a little carl craig-esque, a little audion-esque...
from the G-Stone K&D crew, Vienna, Austria:
Roland Appel - Dark Soldier
(teaser release of the upcoming offical roland appel 12" following in september!)

finally a little something for the LOUDspeakers to end the tiercé, because I'm leaving on holidays in Barcelona tonight...
from the weirdest techno anarchist to come from Germany (again!):
Robag Wruhme als Rolf Oksen - Dopamin
(play it LOUD, try spinning at +8 for max d'nb effect)

btw, did I mention? play these LOUD. have fun

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